Hidden Mickeys

Snow White Hidden Mickey Find Mickeys Magic Kingdom

Snow White Hidden Mickey

Before entering the Snow White ride, the mural painting contains several hidden Mickeys.  There is one hidden Mickey on this...

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Pirate Hidden Mickeys Find Mickeys Magic Kingdom

Pirate Hidden Mickeys

There are several hidden Mickeys in the Pirates of the Caribbean.  Three of the same hidden Mickeys can be seen on this...

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Main Street Hidden Mickey Find Mickeys Magic Kingdom

Main Street Hidden Mickey

On Main Street you can see several hidden Mickeys stroll by.  On this image you can see two hidden...

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Animal Kingdom Large Hidden Mickey Find Mickeys Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom Large Hidden Mickey

Animal Kingdom contains one of the largest hidden Mickeys we have discovered.  It is a hard one to spot, but, once you see it you ask yourself how did I miss...

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Innoventions Backdrop Hidden Mickey Find Mickeys Epcot

Innoventions Backdrop Hidden Mickey

Near Innoventions is a character meet area with this backdrop that contains a hidden Mickey.

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