What's Different: Wendell at Frontierland

What's Different: Wendell at Frontierland  CMS Bot

Can you find the four different items in this pic taken of Wendell at Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom?

Here is some more information about Wendell from the Country Bear Jamboree record album:

Wendell is a frustrated basketball player. He quit the game when in the team photograph, he discovered he came up to the other players’ knees. He then turned to baseball, but three people stepped on him (they thought he was second base). He went from baseball to football, until two quarterbacks threw him for touchdowns. It was after his gridiron career that he latched onto Henry. When Wendell and Henry get together—well, nobody dares mistake Wendell for anything but what he is: a small, singing bear.

What's Different: Wendell at Frontierland  Find Mickeys

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